We provide services of design office and production in the field of general mechanical engineering, production of equipment for the automation of the production process and in the field of plastic injection for the electrical and mechanical engineering industry.

Structural Strength Analyses and Simulation of Machinery and Equipment Mechanics

When designing components that by their very nature fulfill the role of structural elements that transmit operating loads and therefore must be designed with regard to their load-bearing capacity, we also examine the design using numerical simulation. This will not only confirm the correctness of the design from the aspect of its permitted stress but also the optimization of the weight, which contributes to the economical design of the solution.

In addition to linear static strength analysis, which results in displacements and relative deformations as well as the distribution of reduced stress on component geometry and localization of critical parts, frequency analysis can also be performed to determine its own frequencies.

With more complex demands on the computational model, we can also provide nonlinear analyses of different kinds.

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