We provide services of design office and production in the field of general mechanical engineering, production of equipment for the automation of the production process and in the field of plastic injection for the electrical and mechanical engineering industry.

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Our focus in the field of general engineering is on the design and manufacture of special equipment designed for automation of production process and design and manufacture of frame steel structures.

Our focus in the field of plastics injection molding is to provide complete prototype and low-volume production of plastic parts. We will provide you with an initial design and material design of the part with verifying its functionality on a prototype made by using 3D printing technology, optimizing it and provide technological adjustment for the injection molding process, then designing and manufacturing the injection mold, and ultimately the precise molding of the required amount of high quality parts.

Our next activity is the designing of assembly and welding jigs as well as computer simulation of stress states on components and structures to verify their required load capacity.

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