We provide services of design office and production in the field of general mechanical engineering, production of equipment for the automation of the production process and in the field of plastic injection for the electrical and mechanical engineering industry.

The Design and Manufacture of Special Equipment Designed to Automate the Production Process

Design of special handling tool or equipment for the automation needs of a specific production process.

Design optimization using numerical simulations of kinematic and dynamic relationships and strength characteristics of the individual components of the design.

Adaptation of designed specialized equipment to the technical conditions at the factory.

special equipment

The Design and Manufacture of Closed Frames and Supporting Load-bearing Steel Structures

Analysis of the designed construction from a static point of view, the stress analysis for the static load and modal analysis in dynamically loaded structures.

Design of supporting steel structures for different uses from rolled semi-standardized profiles as well as the shape-optimized metal bearing components. Strength calculation of frame construction according to specified load.

Optimization of frame and load-bearing steel structures in terms of economical structural design for the specified maximum load.

steel structures

A Detailed Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer, Comprehensive Engineering Design and Manufacture of Heat Exchangers

Initial numerical analysis of necessary energy heat flows to ensure the specified operating temperature conditions.

Draft concept of solutions and design variants meeting the conditions required for initial calculated energy ratios.

Numerical stationary and transient analysis of heat flow and temperature field of detailed engineering design of the heat exchanger and the subsequent optimization of the solution.

heat transfer analysis